Behavioural consultations

Do you struggle with your dog's behaviour? Can you not leave her home alone when you need to go out? Does your fearful dog stop you from doing the things you want to do?

I hear you. You feel helpless, worried and frustrated.

You probably have watched many YouTube videos, googled for advice and scrolled through social media but none of the advice seems to work for your dog. 

The reason for this is that you and your dog are both individuals and your situation is unique. Standardized and "one size fits all" approaches to dog anxiety rarely work.

But it doesn't need to be this way.

With lots of love and patience, we can identify your dog's anxiety problems and create a tailor-made solution that will help your dog to become a happier, calmer, better-adjusted member of the family. 

With a little (or a lot) of my help, you will soon be able to:

  • Leave your dog comfortably home alone, while you do something fun for a couple of hours. Go to the gym, visit a friend or go shopping without feeling guilty!

  • Understand and work with your dog's triggers so that you can take your dog out to meet other dogs and people without feeling stressed. No more missing out on fun stuff!
  • Calm your dog down in any situation, so that your dog's fear stops ruling your life.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your dog.

The best part is that you can do all of this without using aversive or punitive approaches, which may appear to work in the short term but are more likely to exacerbate the problem in the long run.

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My approach

I use scientifically validated methods to identify the triggers of your dog's anxiety, so that we can find a tailor-made solution that will work for you and your dog.

I hold a PhD degree in animal behaviour and I am an active scientist in the field of dog separation anxiety, stress, emotions, cognition and welfare. I have spent many years studying emotions and stress in animals and the underlying neuro-endcocrine processes of behaviour. Read more about me here

We will find the best solution for you by using a combination of validated questionnaires and video assessments to determine your dog's behavioural problems. In this way you will become an expert on your own dog's behaviour.

This will make it easier for you to identify your dog's triggers so that you can help your dog to manage any situation.

Once we have identified the root of the problem, I will design an evidence-based personalized behavioural modification plan for you and your dog. 

So you will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life.

Where do you work?

I work with remote consultations online, which is a very effective way to deal with anxiety problems. 

The advantage of remote consultations is that I can see your dog's anxious behaviours in his/her normal environment. 

Introducing a new person (me) often distracts the dog, which means that it is more difficult to make an objective assessment. Saving time on commuting also means that I can spend more time on actually helping you. 

So it doesn't matter where you are in the world! 

What languages do you speak? 

The consultations are available in English, Dutch or Swedish.

Services and prices:

  • A 'nice to meet you' call (15 min) is free of charge. You can explain your problem to me and then decide on the way forward. You will not commit to anything by making this call. 
  • A first consultation (55 min) costs 1599 SEK/159 Euro. This includes a detailed behavioural assessment based on videos of your dog's behaviour and questionnaires, which we will discuss during the consultation. 

After the consultation you will receive an individualized plan so you can get started on helping your dog feel better. 

You will also be able to contact me via email and Whatsapp for an additional 2 weeks in case you have any more questions. 

Once you book an appointment, I will send you an email with more information and a link to fill out a questionnaire to determine your dogs behavioural problems.

  • A follow up consultation (25 min) costs 799 SEK/79 Euro. Only choose this option if you've already had a first consultation. 

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Note that a credit card is NOT required when you book. You can cancel your booking for free up to 48 hours before the appointment.

Either contact me by email:

Or phone: +46 (0)705311771

Or book directly by clicking on the book now button below: 

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