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How to know if your dog has dementia: the seven most common signs and symptoms

I felt devastated when our lovely family dog, Thierry, couldn't keep up with us anymore when he was about 12 years old. He would pace around the house aimlessly. He seemed to get lost even in our own backyard and could not do the things he normally enjoyed. In the end, after many months of him getting progressively worse, his quality of life was so poor that we were left with only one decision. It is many years ago now, but it left an impact that I haven’t forgotten until today.   Image by labsafeharbor from Pixabay   Perhaps you have you noticed a change in your senior dog’s behaviour recently? Maybe she’s getting a bit slower and less mobile, but isn’t that normal for a senior dog? You would be surprised to know that dementia, also called canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), is very common in dogs that are older than eight years. Between 14 and 30% of dogs between the ages of 8 and 11 are affected, and up to 90% of dogs aged over 13 .  Age is a funny thing in dogs , and smaller