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Does my dog understand how I feel? The science of how our emotions influence our dogs' behaviour.

“When I feel stressed, my dog starts to shiver and she does not know what to do. I try to comfort her but I have noticed that she only calms down when I feel calm again myself. Even when I try to hide my emotions, I can still see that my dog is affected.” - Marielle “ My ex-boyfriend suffered from severe pain attacks. One day, he collapsed to the ground because of the pain. My dogs Gibbs came running and licked his face. Then Gibbs came to fetch me, jumped on top of him and licked his face again.” - Sharon “I got food poisening when my Jack Rusell was only a little pup. He was whining and peering through the window. He really wanted to get close to me, and he truly seemed worried about me. Very special.” - Dominique.  Do you ever wonder if your dog understands you? Dogs are pretty clever, and can find a treat or a toy when we point at it. Dogs can even follow our gaze to find a hidden treat. Many people truly believe that their dog actually ‘gets’ them.  Image by Josephine Payson