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Explained: the science behind the human-dog bond

Dogs and humans have been living together for thousands of years. And during this time, we have developed an incredible and unbreakable bond with each other. And, if you’re like me, you consider your dog a part of your family. Image by Markus Trier from pixabay   But how exactly do we form such a strong bond with our beloved pets? And are all bonds between dog and owner created equal? To answer these questions we will dive into dog emotional attachment theory. In this article, I will discuss: What is dog-owner attachment What is a secure dog-owner attachment style What is an avoidant dog-owner attachment style What is an anxious/ambivalent dog-owner attachment style Is my dog hyper-attached to me? The theory of the human-dog bond - called attachment theory in proper psychological terms - is based on human studies in which it has been shown that infants have a strong need to be near a caretaker, the attachment figure (often the mother). Attachment theo