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Five common myths about dog aggression

Does your dog sometimes snap at someone? Or do you take your beloved pet to the park and she lashes out to other dogs? Frustrating, I know.  Everybody and their grandma has an opinion about aggressive dogs, but it can be hard to find the right advice that works for your dog. But don't worry, you're not alone! Aggression is a huge problem that affects up to 72% of dogs.  Image by freegr from Pixabay Aggression directed towards the owner is the most common type of aggressive behaviour, followed by aggression directed towards unfamiliar dogs and people.  But what exactly is aggressive dog behaviour? Agressive behaviours include a range of behaviours, such as snarling, showing teeth, growling, snapping and biting. These behaviours can be directed towards people, other dogs and animals.   So why is your dog aggressive? Generally, dogs show aggression when they try to resolve a conflict over who has got priority access over resources, such as food, a favourite bed or a mate. There