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Can sheep feel hunger?

Sheep farming systems extensive in many countries, which means that the amount of land used is relatively large while the input of resources is relatively low. As opposed to the more intensive farming systems (the kind of farming most common in Europe, with limited land, and high input of labour, nutrition and technology). Extensively farmed animals are generally reared outside all year around and receive minimal nutritional supplementation.    This looks like to ideal picture for most people; happy animals in a paddock with plenty of space! Of course it’s great for sheep to be grazed all year around on lush green paddocks. However, what happens when those paddocks are not so lush and green? For example, during summer droughts or very cold winters?        There was actually a major summer drought in the year I conducted my studies (2008), and many farmers were not prepared for this. Pasture was insufficient to feed all animals and nut