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Do factory-farmed pigs know what they are missing?

You have probably heard this argument many times in defence of the factory farming industry:  if animals have never experienced any better conditions, then that means they don’t know what they are missing and therefore they are not suffering. But is this really true? Does the fact that animals are always kept in barren conditions mean that they really “don’t know any better” and therefore it is OK? I don’t think so… and a recent study has provided evidence that animals kept in barren conditions, without ever having experienced good conditions, are in a bad emotional state and are suffering. In this experiment, two groups of young pigs were randomly assigned to housing in either an enriched or barren environment. The barren environment was pretty typical for factory farming and met the minimal requirements for intensive pig housing according to EC directives. The pigs had 1.2m 2 space each, the pens had a partially slatted concrete floor and th