Cognitive enrichment for intensively farmed pigs

Would you like to play with pigs to enrich their environment and stimulate their cognitive abilities? 

Researchers from Wageningen University and artists from the Utrecht School of Arts have developed a game that allows humans and pigs to play together in a virtual world.

The humans control a ball of light displayed on a touch screen in the pig stalls via their iPhones or iPads. The pigs are supposed to touch the ball with their snouts and then get rewarded with colourful sparkles showing on the screen. The persons playing the game can also see the pigs’ snouts on their screens. When the humans and pigs play in harmony, the ball erupts into a bright colourful firework. But when the human and pigs loose contact, the ball slowly fizzles out.  

Unfortunately, the game is not available yet, but the developers are working on realizing it!

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